Happy Birthday To Me!

Rhoda Nduaesa's Birthday 2014

wow!!! I’m extremely excited about today. A day I’ve been looking forward to, because of the love that is usually shown to me on this day.
I will start by telling you how old I am, As at the time of writing this speech, Monday, 22 September, 2014, 21:00pm

I am now 26 years old, 312 months old, 1,357 weeks old, 9,496 days old, 227,919 hours old, 13,675,193 minutes old and 820,511,629 seconds old.

First of all, I thank God for this achievement, reaching this age happy, blessed and contented. I might not be where I ought to be but I know for sure, I’m definitely not where I was at my last birthday. As a flashback on my 25th Birthday, it was a very special season for me as I marked my Silver Jubilee, It has been a wonderful year, and I have grown bigger, better and still standing.

I thank God for my Family, friends and loved ones who have always been there for me, I love you all, most especially to the friends that understand me, and have remained with me despite my weaknesses and of course my stubbornness lol, God bless you all.

I wouldn’t fail to thank all those who turned their backs, for you helped me value more, those who are with me, and crested space for new ones.

Thanks to my new found friends, who have added a different joy to my simple life.

I Thank all those who had already sent in their birthday wishes in advance, thank you to those who are yet to send, God bless you all.

Finally, I thank God for giving me a wonderful brand new start for this year, and I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of my 26th year on planet earth.

Rhoda Nduaesa

I Love you all.

Rhoda Nduaesa
Publisher – Rhodies World.com