Indian Women Now Hire A Pre-Matrimonial Detective To Spy On Their Suitors

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Marriage detectives are the new norms as more singles turn to spy on potential suitors.

Veenita spent the last few years building a lucrative career in finance in Delhi, and she’s ready to settle down and find a husband. The pretty 32-year-old scours matrimonial sites, and she’s happy to meet suitors her parents suggest. But she’s incredibly cautious.

“People lie all the time these days. Both boys and girls,” she says. “It’s risky to trust anyone.”
In the past few years, Veenita, who asked that we not use here real name, has witnessed many divorces among her circle of friends.

Girlfriends who entered into arranged marriages often tell her horror stories, she says, about how their husbands turned out to be different from how they portrayed themselves. One of her friends discovered that her husband was still dating an old girlfriend.

Another married a guy who turned out to be gay and continued to have affairs with other men. And she had been warned about guys who lied about their educational qualifications. “When you are reading profiles you can make out that people are exaggerating their degrees,” she says.


As a successful professional, Veenita is clear that she wants her husband to earn as much, if not more, than she does. And she wants to be sure that he actually makes what he claims he does. “These days its hard to find men who live up to your expectations,” she says.