Kim Kardashian`s Breast Leaks Milk Like A Water Fountain On Live TV Show!

Fresh Milk factory... It`s a natural thing. Sorry Kim..

Fresh Milk factory… It`s a natural thing. Sorry Kim..

Dear RW readers, are you a fan to the American TV star Kim Kard? if yes this gist we believe will be of great interest to you…lol

It is not the kind of milk you expect to see in the kitchen. This is something fans to the TV star will remember for a very long time, when one of her breasts started leaking milk on a live TV show.

New mother Kim Kardashian shocked her brother Rob when her breast started leaking milk on Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday.

The family MVP was relaxing with her brother and their sister Khloe when they suddenly realized that her breast was lactating.

‘Your boob is, like, leaking out of control!’ Khloe told her as they all noticed the large liquid mark around her right nipple.

‘It is like a water fountain.’ But Rob was more than shocked – and found it hard to handle.
‘What the f**k? That weirds me out, for real,’ Rob said, still staring at his sister before walking out of the room.

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Kim accepted it as a natural part of new motherhood, and casually readjusted her famous assets in her v-neck grey T-shirt, putting a tissue down the other side of her shirt to stop that from leaking too.