RW Fashion: When Color And Style Makes Magic Together

Burgundy Lace Asymmetrical Dress.

Burgundy Lace Asymmetrical Dress.

This is the latest from Rhodiesworld Fashion-Star;  It`s Burgundy Asymmetrical Dress.

Rhodiesworld launches her fashion season in 2017 by sharing something from one her most celebrated fashion star.

The Houston base Nigerian fashionista brings the X-factor to the table and as always, we decided to pick from her archive and share as we begin RW fashion in 2017 in the series of what is to come.

Exclusive Photos:

Burgundy-Lace-Asymmetrical-Dress-Iron_Fashion_rhodiesworld-2017-March-1 Burgundy-Lace-Asymmetrical-Dress-Iron_Fashion_rhodiesworld-2017-March-2 Burgundy-Lace-Asymmetrical-Dress-Iron_Fashion_rhodiesworld-2017-March-4 Burgundy-Lace-Asymmetrical-Dress-Iron_Fashion_rhodiesworld-2017-March-5 Burgundy-Lace-Asymmetrical-Dress-Iron_Fashion_rhodiesworld-2017-March-6

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