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Most girls can’t smile in public because of the colour
of their teeth. Do you know that you can achieve white teeth just by using
bananas? Yes that’s true.

Bananas are an excellent way of achieving white
teeth naturally without resorting to commercial teeth whiteners, that may
damage your enamel or teeth permanently. So how can you make use of banana
peels? Are you always in a rush to throw off those banana peels after
eating them? Well, you should not do that anymore. Banana peels can
magically change your brownish color teeth to white, it has the key
ingredients. After buying your banana fruit, ensure that you thoroughly
wash the outer skin so as to remove the dirt and any other harmful
substances that may be on the cover.

Proceed to peel off the banana peeland cut the banana into sizable place.
Take the inside of the banana peeland rub it gently on your teeth.
Repeat this procedure for about 2-3minutes ensuring that you rub the
banana peels evenly on your teeth.

Brush your teeth afterwards to ensure that there are no particles left on
your gum. Repeat this procedure twice everyday for effective result.
There you have it, a simple and easy way to whiten your teeth naturally
while keeping your budget at a minimum. After you have achieved your set of
white teeth. Remember to always brush your teeth after every meal and after
taking certain teeth staining drink like coffee inorder to avoid Browning
your teeth again.

Have you ever used a banana peel to whiten your teeth
before? What where your results? Feel free to share your experiences


  1. fiona spencer

    @sandra cap:u don’t need a dentist around Owerri. U just to try this and see if it gives u wat u want.

  2. fiona spencer

    I have not tried it before, but there is no harm in trying. I will apply this method to see if there will be changes. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Maureen charis Nosa

    Thanks Rhodies i realy apreciat dis information my own case is dat my teeth are brown right from wen i was a kid what should i do?


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