5 Top Contestants In Face Of Rhodies Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6

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Apart from the three winners that usually emerges from the FRW Photo Contest, (Click here to view the winners) our team has decided that hence forth, we will include the selection of five exceptional models for periodic modelling contract, thereby encouraging their (ABCD)Affluence, Boldness, Creativity and devotion to the contest .

Therefore to constantly tread the path of our objectives, we will extend our capacity by establishing this platform to both encourage our modelling inclined contestant earn money and also rediscover their selves and potentials. Please note that these selection will be strictly to the discretion of the team and not the voting public. These few selected models will also enjoy free media hype, for example, their birthdays and parties will be published and celebrated, all within the same three month of duration like the winners.

The sixth edition of FRW Photo Contest has come to a successful conclusion.

The 5 models selected by the team are

Miss Miss Lynda Dakwom, 

Miss Idorenyin James, 

Miss Aniema Orok, 

Miss Betthel Okoli &

Miss Uduak Udofia

Congratulations to them.

Miss Lynda Dakwom

Miss Lynda Dakwom representing the Mupun Culture

Miss Idorenyin James

Miss Idorenyin James representing the Ibiio Culture

Miss Aniema Orok

Miss Aniema Orok representing The Igbo Culture

Miss Betthel Okoli

Miss Betthel Okoli representing the Igbo Culture

i Miss Uduak Udofia

Miss Uduak Udofia representing The Ibibio Culture

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