Abuja Earth Tremor: Affected Residents Share Their Experience, FG Issues Red Alert

The tremor reportedly occurred in Mpape and Maitama Districts of the FCT, Abuja. The incident occurred at about 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday night and 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

A resident of Mpape, who declined to be named, told Daily Sun, last night, that the tremor led to stampede in the area and that she had to take cover under her table while the vibration lasted.

More residents who lived in Eneje Street, Masafa Road, Berger Quarry and Area One areas in Mpape said the ground shook intermittently for a long period, raising fears of an earthquake.

Another resident, Amos Uchenna, told Daily Trust:

“When it started we thought it was normal rock activity. But after a point we realised that it was abnormal.”

He said he was at his shop at Crown Plaza in the community when the two storey building started ‘vibrating.’

“We thought the building wanted to collapse. It happened at about four times when I was at the shop,” he added.

Uchenna said, when he got to his residence at Eneje Street, the vibration continued which made many people afraid of going to bed due to the incidents.

“Later we went to sleep but it happened again. The ground vibrated so much that the ceiling almost came down,” he said.

Another resident, Onyeka Chukwu, said the vibration damaged some goods in his shop.
Chukwu said some gas burners fell and were damaged while the vibration lasted.

“The first time that it happened, I thought it was normal but when it happened again, I was afraid that I almost ran out of the shop. I have been here for seven years, it has not happened like that before,” he said.

Jennifer Roberts however said similar incident happened last week Friday at Masafa Road, adding that the incident on Wednesday happened after a torrential rainfall in the area.

FEMA, in a statement, said the tremor maybe a sign of seismic movement within the earth and said:

“it could also be caused by a sudden break along lines which result in sudden release of energy that makes the ground to shake.

FEMA also assured that the likelihood of an earthquake happening in Nigeria was low as Nigeria is not in an earthquake zone.

The statement was signed by FEMA Director General of, Mr. Abbas Idriss.

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