An Exclusive Interview With Miss Aniebiet Umanah, Face Of Rhodies World Season 6 Winner

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She registered for  the 6th edition of  the Face of Rhodies World Online Photo Contest with mixed feelings, having lost in the previous 3 beauty pageant she contested, she was urged by a friend to contest for the Face of Rhodies Photo contest, with a daunting mind. She however dared herself to enter the contest with confidence that she would win. Though the odds were stacked against her in the keenly contested free and fair competition, she eventually won. Annie Umanah is a 500 level computer science student of university of Uyo. In an interview with our writer, Mike Etim, she speaks of her reign and her future ambition as she bows out from the throne as the Winner of FRW season 6 but paving way for the next Winner and she still remains a Rhodies World Ambassador.



About Face Of Rhodies World?
I got to know about Rhodies world from Miss Itoro Nya, 2nd runner up of Face of Rhodies season 4. She came to my hostel and said; “Annie you have to vote for me” I asked her, what it’s all about and she told me it was a competition by an online magazine and it has to do with an online contest and your friends can vote for you. She got me interested when she said that the contest was free and fair. This is because it is rare to see a free and fair contest in this part of the world.
She further said she won because I also voted for her. I told her when it gets to season 5, she should get me involved. When it actually got to season 5, she told me but I had so many things in my head, at that time my exams was coming up. I then told her I will go for the upcoming one, which is season 6. When it came to season 6, she sent me some pictures and the registration form. i grabbed it and registered immediately.

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Who Is Aniebiet Umana
My name is Aniebiet Umana, a 500 level student of the University of Uyo, studying computer science, from Akwa Ibom State

Life During Your Reign
Oh my God! I have enjoyed every part.
What I have enjoyed most is the “Queenship” thing. When you step out as a queen, everybody seems to turn their heads like ‘who goes there?’ I’m so excited. The name Miss Rhodies World is beautiful. The enjoyment we had at Le’meridien and other courtesy visits were just amazing.

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General Speculation About Beauty Queens
It won me many friends, a whole lot of friends. Most people started picking interest and getting very close to me because of the things they saw in me. I have had many friends and many associates and have become more popular in school and many people want to know who Aniebiet Umana is. Rhodies World has really exposed me to the society. I have had the opportunity to meet prominent people and visited many places I never expected in life through Rhodies world. The exposure they gave me has “shined” me up. Through Rhodies world, I have been able to show case myself to the world. i can now say I have made a name.

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Distinguish Performance During Your Reign As Rhodies World Ambassador?
After the competition I resolved within myself to do something for the Rhodies world. These are the people who took me to the Le’meridien for four days. They spent a lot of cash and they gave me great fun.
I was wondering what they gained from this event, I imagine N110,000.00 for me, N75,000 for the first runner up and N50, 000.00 for the second runner up, and the ‘freebies’. I felt I have to make Rhodies world proud, and to let the world know about Rhodies world, their message and everything they do.
I try to give as much information about Rhodies world when I go for an event, and I also make sure I flaunt Rhodies world. I think I am really doing the best I can.
I represent Rhodies World, Anibiet Umana is Rhodies world. When you see me, you see Rhodies World. I try to make everybody know about Rhodies World in my school, in my church, events, and among my friends
I try to make Rhodies World in my school to stand first. I make people know that if there is any competition that is free and fair; it is the Face of Rhodies World Photo Contest.

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Previous Contests
I contested for miss success scholarship; I went for miss computer science Akwa Ibom state polytechnic, and for Miss Akwa Ibom state polytechnic. Face of Rhodies world is actually the fourth one, which I eventually won.

Feelings About The Ones You Did Not Win?
I felt bad.


Plans After Your Reign?
I will go for other contest. I intend to contest for face of Niger delta, the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Miss Nigeria, and other contest.

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Your Future As A Computer Scientist?
I want to get in to modelling proper. I have always wished to be a model, and to train other models. I also have a vision of owning a modelling agency, and make a career in modelling.

I like making friends, reading, and impacting positively on others young ones and the society at large.

I hate jealousy and pretence.

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Your Celebrity Crush
I would love to meet this actress in Nollywood, Annie Macaulay Idibia
She is an actress and I am a model. We have something in common. Our first names are similar. She is Annie Macaulay Idibia and I am Annie Umana I like the way she is on screen, I get inspired when I watch her on movie. I like the way she speaks, I like her action, I like everything about her and she is beautiful

Pet Project Achievements
I am still on my pet project tagged: “show them love” this has to do with showing some orphans and children and those on the streets that they are loved, and that they still have hope. I want also to see how I can influence the society positively. My dream is to really help the orphans.


Best Place In The World You Wish To Visit
I love to go for shopping in Dubai, Paris and many places and not just ‘best places’.

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Challenges As A Beauty Queen
Everybody wants to associate with you, but I can handle that.

Advice To The Season 7 Contestants
A couple of persons have contacted me on Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM and on calls. My advice to them has been, ‘grab your form first’. They have been asking me if it’s possible they can win. And my answer to them is to take a step and pray. They should tell God what they want.
I never believed I will win. I got the form a week to the set deadline. I almost got discouraged when I checked my face on the mirror. I was saying to myself ‘who would vote for me’? This is a national contest, my mind told me ‘Annie you can win’. It’s challenging, it is competitive, with handwork and faith, you can pull through.

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