Are You Ready To Live Together? This Article Is For You!


Moving in with your guy or girl can be great, but it can be a nightmare. Make sure you don’t ruin your relationship by moving too fast and read these 10 signs that will show you whether you are ready to share your closet space or not

(1) Pants on the floor? Not an issue

Imagine this scenario; you come home after an excruciatingly long day at work to find mountains of clothes on your bedroom floor. Do you hit the roof screaming or shrug it off as one-of-those-things? If you still start a shouting match then it might be a sign that you’re not ready to live together. Although no one likes living with a messy person, researchers have found that eight out of 10 people said they cleaned up after their other half. Basically mess is something you are going to have to deal with if you become roomies.

(2) Money Issue

The all-time number one breakup issue is money. If you and your guy or girl aren’t dividing things up equally now then you’re going to face some major issues when you live together. Although you don’t need to go halves on every dinner out or movie you see together, make sure that there is a balance and that neither of you are paying way more than the other. Even if you think you’re comfortable with it now, the fact that they’re freeloading or you’re dependent on their cash flow will be problematic when you’re shacked up.

(3) You Gate Lost when you get home

So, you need to change your clothes and check your phone messages. The only problem is you’ve forgotten how to get home. If you’re spending all your time at their house and you haven’t been home in weeks, then it might be time to throw away your house key and settle into couple-dom bliss.

(4) Bad Day? You go home to them

Your team lost to their rivals, your boss shouted at you and you got stuck in a two hour traffic jam. So what do you do? Go out for drinks with your friends or go home to your guy or girl and eat takeout in front of trashy TV? One of the biggest signs that you’re ready to live together is when you have had the worst day and you go home to your other half.

(5) You start to dream of wedding

If you’ve started to dream about big white dresses and cutting cakes then it might be a sign that you’re looking to commit. Ask yourself this: do you see yourself with this person in five years time? If you do, then take the plunge and go for it; life is short and love is hard to find. If it doesn’t work out then at least you gave it a go and you now know they’re not your Romeo or Juliet.

(6) You buy furniture together

You need a new carpet; who do you ask to help you pick one? If you pick your lovely partner then that’s great news. Being able to make decisions together, especially decisions regarding personal taste and money, is crucial if you are going to get along in co-habiting heaven. Just make sure you steer clear of those horrendous his and her towel sets.

(7) You haven`t had a big fight in a while

Living together can be a nightmare. If you have lots of unresolved issues and have personalities that clash then you are always going to be fighting and no one likes sleeping on the couch. If you haven’t had a big fight in a while then it might be a sign that you’re compatible enough to settle. Little fights are common though and the average couple has a whopping 312 arguments a year.

(8) You don’t worry when they go out

To live together and enjoy it you have to be secure and trust one another. A great test to see whether you’re ready to move in together is to judge how you feel when they go out with their friends to a bar or party. Do you worry and feel anxious? Are you likely to turn up incognito and spy behind a bar stool? If you’re not secure with your guy or girl you’re not ready to take the plunge.

(9) Your bathroom cabinet has expanded

When you open your bathroom cabinet what do you see? If you’ve got shaving cream, panty liners and nose clippers lodged amidst your usual in-house pharmacy then it might be time to consider getting an extra key cut; they seem to have moved in anyway so why resist the inevitable?

(10) You Struggle to sleep on your own

When you finally make it home to your own bed do you relish the chance to stretch out in your bed or do you miss spooning your guy or girl? If you struggle to sleep in your own bed then stop being love-sick and give living together a go. At some point in our lives we all have to take a risk.

RW readers, we strongly advice that you do the right thing before you start living together.

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