#BBNaija War: Alex Preaches Love And Peace Seeks For An End to The Ongoing Brouhaha With Fellow Star Ceec

BBNaija reality star Alex has spoken up and appealed to all and fans of hers and her former fellow housemate CeeC to sheath their sword…She wears the shoe of the ‘bigger man’ by extending the Olive branch to all…..

In a video she shared on her instagram handle Yesterday Wednesday August 8th,she displayed photos of all the housemates including Ceec and wrote:
”Today is my wild appreciation Wednesday. I appreciate you all (house mates,family). ………….. I’m not preaching friendship,all i preach is peace and love. Let love lead please. Before posting this, I damned advice and reactions. Turning off my data again today. Try take chill pills my loved ones. May God bless us all,in our different ways,we will all be successful in Jesus name.No competition at all. We go all dey alright Las Las. #letpeaceandlovelead”.
*Alex you lie,of cos there is competition,very negative and unhealthy competition encouraged by biggie to sell the show from day one…Unfortunately for him,unlike the 2017 set who were more mature and handled things well outside this house,these ones were too young,childish and could not handle the fame…
Its been a competition from day one…Competition is good but it has to be healthy!
It is so obvious that their camp is divided with each taking sides..Friendship is not by force but i pray they all find a common ground to be civil to one another……………Life goes on,Biggie has smiled to the Bank,Miracle has won the show and gone quiet….Then rest of them should go quiet and find their hustle cos in another one year we will be celebrating new stars and  nobody will have time for this their childish rants and brouhaha…its getting tiring already!!!
This is my two cents and i dont need anybody to agree with me….please read and waka pass!

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