Controversial Crossdresser: I am Finer Than Many Girls, I’m Even Confused If I’m Still A Guy

Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky, in an interview with Broadway Tv said he doesn’t know if he’s still a guy because he has all the attributes of a female.

He was asked whether at this stage, he identifies as male or female, he responded saying he is more beautiful than some girls, he has b**bs and a** than some girls, so he gets confused whether he’s male or female.

“Even me i’m confused if i’m a guy, I’m finer than many girls so me i’m even confused sef. And i’m even growing boobs too, so you can see, plenty things, i even have ass sef, if i stand up now i have bum bum. So even me i’m confused if i’m a girl or a guy because i am way way prettier than many girls out there”

Watch the video below:


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