Demise of a Young Entrepreneur – Amicable Jane(R.I.P)

amicable jane

A thousand words won’t bring you back, we know because we’ve tried; neither will a million tears, we know because we’ve cried.
Amicable Jane was a charming girl that inspired lots of people with her
hard work and hustles. In this era where people depend on Government work, young Jane carved a niche for herself in the undulating terrain of fashion world.

jane 2

It’s so sad to say that this RW great fan is gone! We lost her on the
early hours of today 21st of august 2013.

jane 3

Jane has been ill for a while now. Until her death, Jane was the CEO of Amicable Signature Boutique and had inspired
lots of people with her hard work and courage. She struggled in all
ramifications to survive.

Pray for Jane: It is with heavy heart that we share with all of you that
Jane has passed away. Please lift her beautiful soul to heaven by
praying. Send your love prayers to her family during this most difficult

May Jane be free from pain and suffering, may her soul feel the
light and love that you brought for so many of us. During the short time
you were here with us.
Farewell Jane, we miss you.

2 thoughts on “Demise of a Young Entrepreneur – Amicable Jane(R.I.P)

  1. Joseph Pee

    This news hit me the evening of the 21st August like a bombshell sending warm shivering down my spine but what else can we do about it?
    We had you and now we’ve lost you Jane but you had lived long enough to leave lasting memories with us. Sail on Girl, you’ve been set free!


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