Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My Culture, My Pride) Miss Benny Chiangi Showcasing The Idoma Culture

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As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My, culture, My Pride), contestants were asked to tell us about the culture they are representing in an expository essay writing. This task carries 2000 votes, and below is an unedited essay writing sent in by this contestant.

Have fun and get to know more about her culture



Chiangi Benny 24 years old n Benue state
1)Am representing idoma-The idoma are located in south Benue, headquarters in otukpo, govern by d ochi domain
Farming is d major occupation of d people, we have crops like yams,cassava etc
Black beads-peace
Red beads-unity
3)Aleku festival happens once a year
4) Benue south
5) Their character, cultural display
6)0ral tradition is d primary method of which history has been passed in idomaland n is considered a Central cultural institution



Photography: Good

Photo Attitude:  Good

Attire:  Excellent

Presentation: Poor

We love your attire but your essay writing was way not too good enough. We would have loved to know a little more about your beautiful costumes but you didn’t do that. You were asked to write an essay not to list what you have on you.

SCORE:  1300 Votes / 2000

This score will be added to your final votes


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GOOD: 300

POOR: 200

FAIL: 100

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