Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My Culture, My Pride) Miss Emem Holycity Showcasing Ibibio Culture


As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My, culture, My Pride), contestants were asked to tell us about the culture they are representing in an expository essay writing. This task carries 2000 votes, and below is an unedited essay writing sent in by this contestant.

Have fun and get to know more about her culture


Name: Emem Holycity

State of origin: Akwa ibom state

Culture: Ibibio culture

The ibibio culture is regarded as the most ancient of all the ethnic group in Nigeria. There are related to the Canaan and   the Efik peoples

On my head is a golden headwrap. As a form of apparel, the headwrap has been exclusive  to women of African descent and the headwrap visually enhance the facial feature. It represent the history of the African people.

White is a traditionally colour worn by brides in the western world. For my neatly sewed white blouse, the colour psychologically means purity and peace.
The wrapper tied on my waist has a blue background colour mixed with sky blue colour, lemon colour,orange colour and gold colour to match with my gold colour of the beads on both my neck and wrist,my headwrap and my golden shoe. It represent womanhood.

This dressing is worn by a typical Ibibio woman her traditional marriage day.
The ibibio’s are located in the southeastern  Nigeria Akwa ibom state. Apart from their which I like so much, I also like their economy. They engage in farming, fishing , and trading outside the fishing and farming seasons, the ibibio traditionally spend their time with various recreational activities, with games and sports, like wrestling, swimming, Ayo, and Ekara (marksmanship) and arrow shooting.
Also moonlight plays like offiong and Edop provide a good platform form for social interaction particularly for the youths.



Photography: Good

Photo Attitude: Poor

Attire: Very Good

Presentation: Good

SCORE:  1200 Votes / 2000

This score will be added to your final votes


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GOOD: 300

POOR: 200

FAIL: 100

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