Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My Culture, My Pride) – Miss Filani Esther Showcasing The Owo Culture


As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My, culture, My Pride), contestants were asked to tell us about the culture they are representing in an expository essay writing. This task carries 2000 votes, and below is an unedited essay writing sent in by this contestant.

Have fun and get to know more about her culture.



Name: Filani Oluwaseun Esther

State of origin:  Ondo State

I am representing Owo culture

Owo culture is one of the most outstanding culture in Yoruba part of Nigeria whose traditional ruler is referred to as olowo. Historically, the origin of owo was traced to the ancient city of Ile-ife,  which is known as the cradle of Yoruba culture. History also claimed that the founders are the sons of the Yoruba deity called ODUDUWA.

Owo is known to have strong affiliation with Ife culture and they have maintained the virtual independence from Benin kingdom. The culture of the two kingdoms flow in thesame direction with their art objects, that is why most times a well traditionally dressed owo woman is sometimes mistook for a Benin woman because of the close similarities in their attire.

As in my picture, my attire is always worn during the IGOGO festival which occurs ones every year, the IGOGO festival is also a means of developing the culture of the people and it’s main aim is to align youths with the cultural norms of the land. The festival is celebrated in honour of the OLOWO’S wife called OROSHEN who excretes beads. This made the king the wealthiest at that time. That is why beads are so significant in my culture and it indicates the wealth of the kingdom.

According to my attire the beaded crown on my head shows that I am royalty, the beads on my neck and the ones on my hands including the beaded earrings attached to my ear all shows that I am a wealthy woman. Coming down to the OFI wrapped from my chest which flows downward it’s called PEROJO which indicates that I am virtuous, honoured and it proves my dignity. Lastly to the black horsetail am holding, it shows that I am a wealthy queen while the white horse tail is for the chiefs and highly influential people of the kingdom.

Apart from the fact that this town is rich in culture, they are also rich in natural resources and their land is also blessed which makes the main occupation of the people farming they go mainly into cocoa and oil palm farming. I also like the fact that owo men are hardworking and they think highly of their wives. The best food of the owo people which is also my best food is pounded yam with egusi soup. In short my people are mainly great people

Therefore sharing my culture and where I come from to others is very important to me because MY PRIDE is born from  the deep understanding of MY CULTURE.



Photography: Very Good

Photo Attitude: Excellent

Attire: Excellent

Presentation:Very Good


SCORE: 1800 votes / 2000

This score will be added to your final votes.

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GOOD: 300

POOR: 200

FAIL: 100

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