Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My Culture, My Pride) – Miss Precious Nwogidi Showcasing The Yoruba Culture

Precious Chiamaka Nwogidi (6)

As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 (My, culture, My Pride), contestants were asked to tell us about the culture they are representing in an expository essay writing. This task carries 2000 votes, and below is an unedited essay writing sent in by this contestant.

Have fun and get to know more about her culture




Name: Nwogidi Precious Chiamaka

Age: 23

State of origin: Abia state

Culture represented: Yoruba culture


I am representing the Yoruba culture. The Yoruba people occupy the south western part of Nigeria. The Yoruba people occupy States such as lagos, Ibadan, ogunmola state, ondo state, ekiti state e.t.c. They are well known for their styles. Fashion and also their choice of foods. They are very popular for preferring to eat AMALA and ewedu. They also like to wear Ankara and they love partying.

I wore lemon green ASO-oke for both my head tie and also my wrapper then I wore a piece of silver lace that also goes with a silver shoe. Finally, I wore traditional beads on my two hands and on my neck.

This type of styles are mostly used for traditional weddings and it would be worn by the bride. It can also be used for cultural events and it can also be worn by the king’s wives for any occasion.

Yoruba people are located in the south western region of Nigeria. I like their choice of foods and the way they organize their parties and I also love their language. I personally think their language is very commercial.

In Yoruba land, a child must always prostrate to greet his parents every day and night which I think shows a lot of respect. It is also wrong in Yoruba land for a child to use his/her left hand to eat.

One of the most amazing things about Yoruba people is the fact that they do not joke with their language. Even when a man is well educated, he still might prefer to speak his native language when he meets someone that speaks it too.

Thank you.



Photography:  Very Good

Photo Attitude: Very good

Attire: very Good

Presentation: Good


 Miss Precious Nwogidi, you did a good job, but you didn’t tell more about what you areoutfit, what they are called and it’s significance .

SCORE: 1400

This score will be added to your final votes



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GOOD: 300

POOR: 200

FAIL: 100

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