Facebook Results For Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 Has Been Cancelled


It all began on Sunday 8 February 2015, as the search for the next Rhodies World ambassador began. 25 contestants-all ladies were selected to participate in the Facebook voting which ended today Friday by 13 March 2015 by 12 noon.

The result which included likes and comment  went under serious scrutiny and a lot of our contestants were found wanting.

So many options were considered but it was not easy to accept. In fairness to all, the result  has been cancelled.

Thus, Face of Rhodies World season 6 Facebook voting results is hereby cancelled.

Hence, we now have the second part of the voting to decide our winners.

The second stage of voting takes place on our website from Saturday, 14 March 2015 till  Thursday 9 March 2015. And we have put in measures to make sure that there is no loop hole for ghost voters

The first three contestants at the end of voting will emerged Rhodies World ambassadors- they will cash home the sum of

N110 000.00……winner

N75 000.00………1st runner up

N50 000.00………2nd runner up

They also become Rhodies World Ambassadors, our cover girls for a period of three months and will be featured in our personality column.

They are also entitled to:

– An all expense paid weekend treat at Ibom Le’meridian & Golf Resort

– An exclusive interview with the bridge TV and Planet 101.1fm all in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.



There will never be any mass cancellation of result again as any one who breaks the rules by cheating will be evicted.

Website voting begins tomorrow Saturday, 14th March and ends  on 9th April, 2015.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Results For Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6 Has Been Cancelled

  1. RhodiesWorldFan

    VERY VERY GOOD! Some people just like to cheat. Naija I bow oh. ZERO Integrity! There are websites where you can buy Facebook likes, and some people go and buy it and cheat every time. And since Facebook is not under Rhodies World control there is nothing they can do, they can’t know which Facebook vote is real and which one is a ghost. Well done Rhodies World.

  2. Vivien Oge

    Sorry to say, this cannot be in fairness to all, it can never be… How can you cancel both the innocent people’s sweat and trash out their honest effort???????
    The agreement was “if you are found cheating or using any form of robot likes your result will be counsel” Not everyone’s result would be cancelled, so it can never be fairness to all.
    Please I implore you to please restore people’s results, their sweat and cancel only those who you know have cheated.
    And if you don’t stick to your word you will be encouraging cheaters to repeat the same thing saying “after all they will counsel everybody’s result”
    Follow your word cus that’s your bond.

    • FRW Admin Post author

      Vivien, our word is that this Facebook has been canceled for obvious reasons and can’t be restored. Like we said earlier, facebook results cancellation won’t stop the winner from emerging. From the look of things, we won’t be shocked if your contestant was among those with the fraudulent act because so far, the very few who didn’t engage in that have been so understanding. Truth is the result was canceled for lesser troubles so we could move on with the contest and not to debate on who did this or that, because the website voting carries 90% of the scores. So watch out.

  3. Iheoma

    Well, let’s just believe that was the best you did. But we hope someone is done to avert this next time .

  4. Sunnybarms

    This is really not a good decision. I believe those that cheated should av been penalised even if it is half of the contestant. however, rhodies world should try and take a proper measure to avoid this kind of occurrence in the feature cos it is very discouraging especially to those that have been very fair in this contest and in regaining the attention of the fans that have taking their time to likes and make comments. the organiser is to take their decision not minding what anyone will think or say. there should be consequences for those who cheated. like for me now, I am somehow discouraged to support anyone again because my previous effort was jeopardised

    • FRW Admin Post author

      Mr. Sunnybarms, thank you for writing back. First of all we apologize for what has happened but we still insist that was the best thing for us to do at this time so as to move forward. we didn’t want to cause any delay as so many contestants who were affected took to their right that all the ghost voters were their fans, there would av been chaos and the whole contest turned upside down if we didn’t cancel this result. This contest is not a do or die affair, it’s just for fun and experience, so we want to see it done the right way. Not because your contestant is affected, you don’t want to see it the other way round. Anyways, we have never canceled our Facebook vote before, this is the first time and we had already stated in this post that it won’t happen again. The Facebook voting was just 10% of the whole contest, there’s more to it on the website vote, so giving up on your contestant now shouldn’t be an option.

      It’s so unfortunate that, People don’t like free and open people. We have decided to make this contest as Free and Fair, whosoever deserves it, gets it. So, we won’t like to see people try to cheat, we have everything in our hands, we could make anyone the winner if we want to play dirty, but we have pleaded to keep it FREE, FAIR AND CLEAN. So please, we are sorry for any inconvenience, try and understand.


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