Feeling Great: Debut of the sensational gospel music act, Great Nicholas


“I want to let people know they were created and born for more”; says Great Nicholas, as he smiles back at you with that gentlemanly persona everywhere in the air. He’s the latest gospel music rave emerging. Talk about his voice; it’s suave, silky, breezy-caressing and smooth. And he does Soul; besides R n B, Alternative Rock and Jazz. What’s more, he’s a writer, poet and psalmist who has shared stage performance with some of Nigeria’s best singers; Samsong, Frekke, Dani Andi, Osen Odia and more.

His foray into commercial music if you may, enjoyed a leap when he signed for the award winning record label, Audio Factory Records. A landmark recording was a theme song for the platinum rated book ‘Burning Hurt’ by Unyime Ivy-King. This brought him into the attention of mainstream music makers.

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A worship leader with House On The Rock, Uyo, he draws motivation from the stories of people in hard times, struggles and pain; the brown complexioned singer also sees himself as one who believes in purpose, in God, in respect and submission to mentors and fathers. Many call him a “Great gift”.

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Today, Friday 23rd August, his long awaited, much anticipated debut single is being released on Audio Factory Records. Mr Dehniece, the boss at Audio factory believes this song will prove a strong point for worship music in the industry. You can feel a great heart as you listen to the song. And it’s one of those you can’t listen to without feeling Great.

The soft-rock/worship track will be premiered on different radio stations and online platforms at the same time. Already, the buzz is being generated and the net is currently agog with anticipation for the oncoming exclusive premiere of his debut single. Comments and appraisals have been rolling in; his circle of reach, expanding with every individual that puts an eye to the hype.

It is rare to find true worshippers like Great. He’s spent the bulk of his singing years in church, the same nest that has produced some of the world’s music legends. With this, it is obvious that the blessings of service to God has accrued upon his music career and ministry. So, here comes the legend, GREAT NICHOLAS.

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