1. Contest poll runs 24/7. Each Voter can vote after every 1 hour
2. 5 Contestants with the lowest number of votes will be evicted from contest every Friday by 12pm.
3. Result will only be displayed on Fridays from 5:00am while eviction takes place by 12pm.
4. Every New week begins with new votes, results of the previous week won’t be added to current week.
5. Any contestant with fraudulent act will be removed from the contest with evidence.
6. Three winners will emerge on Nov. 30th, 2013 (1st Prize – $600, 2nd
Prize-$300 & 3rd Prize – $180).

How to Vote:
1. Select the contestant you want to vote for by clicking on the contestants name
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the poll and click on ‘Vote’ to submit your vote
N/B: You only vote again after 1hour