From Church Pleasantries To The Alter – Check Out Ndiana & Otobong’s Cute Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

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We Always love to read love stories, and you know what? No Love Story Is The Same. Ndiana Umana And Engr. Otobong Usanga’s Love Story Will Leave You Smiling.

Their Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Is All Shades Of Cute, As They Re-Enact Their Love.

Bride-to-be: Ndiana Umana
Akwa Ibom State

Groom-to-be: Otobong Usanga
Akwa Ibom State

Enjoy Their Pre-Wedding Photos And Love Story!

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How They Met:
Love is an indescribable feeling, makes more meaning when it’s unrequited. ours isn’t anything complicated, I’ll say ours was already designed in heaven because when it came, it was almost perfect. We met in Church, “Royal Household Ministries” precisely 3years and 10mnths ago, it all began with a handshake when my Pastor Evangelist Cyril Bassey said “walk up to someone and say something” HE (MATATAH) tapped me on d back and when I turned, there stood this handsome, well dressed Young man, with so much confidence, he said hi, my name is MATATAH. we shook hands and I responded with a smile, from that moment, a little seed was planted, it grew into
friendship, and grew into love.

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How They Met
I’ve always had this feeling that I would have difficulties in finding my wife reasons being that I could be very choosy, selective & very picky. But little did I know that for real that saying “in the presence of God, there’s fullness of joy” will come to manifest in my life cos that was where it all started “in His presence”.
When I told my friend, Bishop (Okon Lagos) about the beautiful ‎damsel I met in church, I never knew I was bringing in a catalyst to speed up this reaction. All thanks to God Almighty that after more than 3years of auditioning, I have finally gotten that role to play as the number one man in Dianny’s life but this time not for a while but for a lifetime.


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It was on my birthday, 6th July, 2015, everything was supposed to be about me cos it was my day. We organised a dinner party for a few friends, little did she know that I was gonna make the day not just about me but us. After a three course meal , we brought out some placards that carried the inscription “will you make this day my last birthday as a bachelor? ” and that was how the mighty MATATAH went on his knees to insert that gold fingercuff I got on Dianny’s finger after she said “yes”. Thank God everything worked out as planned.

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He gave me d shock of my life, I must admit this time he caught me off guard, I didn’t know he planned with few of his friends and one of my friends, before I could say anything, my man went on his knees, brought out a ring and asked me to make this birthday his last birthday as a bachelor, while I stood there I remembered the many times from when we met and how he’s always told me I’ll be his wife, the countless times he kept telling me that nothing will ever make him leave me except I told him I didn’t want him again, everything flashed through my mind in just a second, and with no regrets or reservations, I said YES, yes to a journey of forever.

waoooooooooooooo!!!!!! did you hear that? amazing , that’s not all. Read their love message to each other.

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With Love From Otobong to Ndiana:
Ima Matatah, there is actually no word ‎to use and express my love for you, but I can boldly promise that i’ll love you, even death itself will be so afraid to part us. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and loving you is like food to my soul *singing*
Thank you for voting me in to husband you as a consensus candidate *laughing*‎ I love u with everything that completes me.

With Love From Ndiana to Otobong
Iduoesit mmi, Inemesit mmi, akemmi, my truck load of sweetness, I could go on and on and on, I want to tell u that when I’m with you the only place I want to be is closer, there’s no better gift to have than being loved by you, and for yesterday’s memories, today’s love, and for tomorrow’s dreams, I LOVE YOU unapologetically and unreservedly. With you love is everything it’s cracked up to be, it’s really worth fighting for, being brave for and risking everything, for true love stories never have endings, and ours is NEVER ENDING. I love u and will always do.

Ndiana-&-Otobong's-pre-wedding-shoot-rhodiesworld-magazine (11) Ndiana-&-Otobong's-pre-wedding-shoot-rhodiesworld-magazine (9) Ndiana-&-Otobong's-pre-wedding-shoot-rhodiesworld-magazine (7) Ndiana-&-Otobong's-pre-wedding-shoot-rhodiesworld-magazine (2) Ndiana-&-Otobong's-pre-wedding-shoot-rhodiesworld-magazine (1) Ndiana-&-Otobong's-pre-wedding-shoot-rhodiesworld-magazine (5)

6th November, 2015.
Prince Okon Umana ,s compound
Ekpene Obo, Esit Eket L.G.A. A.K.S.
Time: 11am

8th November, 2015
Royal Household Ministries Int’l
66 Aka Itiam Street, Uyo, A.K.S.
Time: 10am
Reception @ Civil Service Auditorium, State Secretariat Complex, IBB Way, Uyo, A.K.S.‎


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23 thoughts on “From Church Pleasantries To The Alter – Check Out Ndiana & Otobong’s Cute Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

  1. Adekunle Shittu

    Congratulations Engr Oto.
    Gods Blessings Will Never Seize In this union. Blessings.

  2. Victor Inyang

    Wonderful shots…and a huge congrats to my friend and colleague, Matatah and Ima Esie…

  3. Ndifreke Etim

    Nice and challenging beautiful akwa ibom son n daughter, IMA MATATAH congratulations.

  4. Nsikak Willie

    If he that findeth a wife findeth good thing and also obtain favour from the LORD, then how much more he that findeth a wife in the house of God. I wish you more God’s favour brother.

  5. dr usen usen

    Nice story. Nice pic but why u come dey carry electric guitar, u no see acoustic guitar? lol!


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