To serve you better, our team came up with these guidelines in order to bring out the very best from the contest. Please note these guidelines are not to deter any one from participating in the contest but to enhance the efficiency of the contest

1. Face Of Rhodies World registration is specifically an online photo contest. Everything is done on the internet

2. There’s need for participants to be connected to the internet e.g Have a mobile device that is connected to the internet

3.  Contestants must be single.

4. During the contest, contestants are advised to check their emails often for updates and frequently visit the website.

5. The age range for participation must be between 18 – 25

6. Every interested participant should have at least two online presence on any of the following: WHATSAPP, BBM, TWITTER and must at least have more than 1,000 friends on FACEBOOK, since voting will be done online these will help you reach out to a wider community of friends. And must be ready to share the contest posters on her social platforms

7. Every interested participant must make sure her photographs are of high quality as we will be very strict when selecting. These will  go a long way to qualify you as a contestant. PLEASE NOTE FOR THIS EDITION, SOME OF YOUR PHOTOS MUST INCLUDE PHOTOS WITH GREEN & WHITE COSTUMES.

8. Photographs snapped with mobile devices such as phone  pics will not be accepted. Only photos from professional cameras will be accepted.

9. The rules and pattern for voting will be given after the contestants have been selected.

10. Every interested participant will have to apply to be a contestant.

11. If you are taking part in this contest, we would kindly advice you visit our website more often in case of any changes made or any latest info that might be of help to you.

12. Kindly use your comment button or email  to ask any question and our crew will be at your prompt service.

13.The contest process are as follows:

a) Photo Submission( Usually last for 1 month)Sat.  1st –  Mon. 31st August, 2015

b) Photo Selection (Usually last for 2 days) Tue. 1st – Wed. 2nd Sept, 2015

c) Facebook Screening (Usually last for 4 days) Thurs. 3rd – Sun. 6th Sept.

d) Website Voting (Usually between 3 – 4 weeks) Mon. 7th – Wed. 30th Sept, 2015