FRW (SEASON 4) CONTESTANT PROFILE: Meet Benedicta Chiangi, Contestant No. 27


Full Name
Chiangi Mwuese Benedicta

Country/state of origin
Nigeria/Benue state

Number of siblings
Eight in the family four boys and four girls, am the fifth

Mention five things you can’t do without in life.
God, family, water, food and money


Tell us a little about you?
Am Benedicta but my freinds call me Benny, an indigene of Benue state,
Gboko precisely, 22 yrs old; I love cooking, chatting and watching love
and musical movies. I love humility, honesty and dislike lies and
hatred. My best quote remains “Anything worth having is worth fighting

Do u possess any other skills you never mention?
YES I love dancing, singing and acting

What is your educational background?
Primary school: LGEA primary school gboko-benue state
Secondary: Gboko high school-benue state(2011)

In your own definition and understanding, who is a model?
A model is someone who showcases fashion in style or a representative
of fashion

What are your dreams and aspirations in life?
By God grace I wish 2 b a fulfilled and a successful business woman, an
international model, a good housewife and a fashion designer.
Looking at my own kind of life I want to be a humanitarian someone the
less privilege can look up to in terms of needs

Would you like to pursue a career in modelling? Who is your role model?
Yes. My role model is Agbani darego

What do you think we can do to make Face of Rhodies World Online Photo Contest better?
First, I’m happy for the conception of the contest, secondly this contest is a platform for the upcoming models so I wish everyone should be carried along with every alert of changes and the team should not be tired of listening to the problems of his/her people, you should be free when listening to our problems and complaints

If you win face of Rhodies World Online contest season 4, what will you do as ambassador to add to Rhodies World positively.
If by God grace, am made the ambassador of Rhodies World firstly: I will represent the interests of the organisation using the magazine to create awareness of the girl child training, to educate them on the dangers of drugs and pre-marital sex.


This is Chiangi Benedicta. Do you think she has what it takes to be the next Rhodies World Ambassador? Feel free to post your comment.

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