FRW Season 5: Contestant Profile – Miss Anastesia Onyekelu

Anastesia Oluchi Onyekelu (4)

You are contestant number?

Full name(s)?
Onyekelu Anastesia Oluchi

State of origin?
Imo state, Ehime mbano LGA

Anastesia Oluchi Onyekelu (5)

Gist Us about You
I am an average height beauty from the Eastern part of Nigeria, I am a cool and easy going person who loves to have valuable friends and in turn treat them right, just stick with me and you will find out…ciao

Best quotation in life?
My best quotation will be Speak kind words and will hear kind Echoes

What lesson have you learnt from life?
Lesson life has taught me so far is to know that the journey will not be easy but the arrival will be worthwhile

Do you possess any other skill(s)? (If yes, please mention)
Yes!! I love cooking

Name of School/college you are attending or attended?
I school at university of Uyo

What Course are you studying and what level are you now / studied?
300level psychology student

Anastesia Oluchi Onyekelu (1)

Are you a model? If YES, how far do you wish to go in modelling?
Partial yes, I do a little of runways..I wish to go so far that no one can see me, I want to be the best of my kind

How did you get to know about face of Rhodies world contest?
I have always heard about it but I actually knew much about it when it was linked to Face of Zaron contest so I clicked on it

Have you ever participated in any contest or this is your first?
This is my first

Who is your role model and why?
I have a special crush on Genevieve to meet her someday..she is my role model because I don’t just want to b a super model but a role her charisma, confidence, smile and acting role, nice physique..My quote about role model has always been “find someone who has a life that you want and figure out how they got it, read books..Pick your role model wisely, find out what they did and do it

Anastesia Oluchi Onyekelu (3)

Due to the recent Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, what have you done to secure yourself from contacting the Virus?
hmm! About the deadly virus…firstly, am always surfing the net for useful information to get updated of the recent “do” and “don’ts”..Secondly I have been very selective of the types of meat I take and frequent washing of my hands with soup..and a compulsory bath anytime I enter a public transport even when am very lazy to do so

If  you emerge the winner, you automatically become a Rhodies World ambassador, what should be expected from you as you represent the organization for the three month?
I would use this medium to educate the youths especially the females to live a life worth living..Trust in God, believe in yourself and you are halfway to what u want..Don’t make a living and forget to make a life..whatever an individual chooses to be, you should feel a special burden to perform well because someone might b watching..lastly I would kindle a great light in the organisation and the world at large that sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life of people to see by..I would be a figure that walks through the dark paths of the world, making myself a light for others to my ability, I would create awareness to people about Rhodies world


Use this opportunity to thank all your fans, family and friends who are voting for you.
I sincerely thank my friends, fans, family that helped me and supported me in one way or the other, either by sharing my link on social medias or voting personally..May the good lord bless you and help you in your time of needs..I couldn’t have got to where I am without your heart warming all rock..please keep the votes coming’s getting hot..Fasten your seat belt..let’s head to the top…love you all and once again, Thanks..Am grateful



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