FRW Season 5: Contestant Profile – Miss Glory Akan

Glory Eduok Akan (5)

You are contestant number?

Full name(s)?
Eduok, Glory Akan.

State of origin?
Akwa Ibom State

Glory Eduok Akan (4)

Gist Us about You
Am Glory Akan Eduok from ikot obio atai in itu LGA, 2nd girl in the family of Mr and Mrs Akan Eduok.

Best quotation in life?
Where you stand depends on where you sit.

What lesson have you learnt from life?
Never look down on someone because life is full of ups and down, what goes around comes back around.

Do you possess any other skill(s)? (If yes, please mention)
Yes dancing, I love dancing

Name of School/college you are attending or attended?
I’m presently schooling in the university of Uyo.

What Course are you studying and what level are you now / studied?
I’m a level 100 student in the department of communication art.

Glory Eduok Akan (3)

Are you a model? If YES, how far do you wish to go in modelling?
I’m not a registered model but I have so much passion in becoming a super model and wish to go as far as I could.

How did you get to know about face of Rhodies world contest?
I got to know about Rhodies World contest through a friend of mine.

Have you ever participated in any contest or this is your first?
No I’ve never taken part in any contest before, Rhodies World online contest is my first contest.

Who is your role model and why?
My role model is Nelson Mandela, because he was a blessing to the nation. He won the noble peace prize of global icon of freedom equally and human right. He was in prison for 26 years and yet he never gave up on hope, he fought for the good of every one and changed the world, he brought hope, forgiveness and bright future to the people of South African and the world. He is indeed my true role model, although his death was shocking but he will forever live in my heart, May his gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

18 - Glory Akan

Due to the recent Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, what have you done to secure yourself from contacting the Virus?
By avoiding of bush meat or any meat am not sure of its source. By washing my hands frequently with detergent or soup using clean water. By avoiding a trip to Ebola endemic countries e.g Congo, Gabon, Uganda etc. By avoiding pig farms, because pig farms have play a role in the amplification of infection because of the presence of fruit bats on these farms. Avoid buying of foodstuffs, clothing materials or other personal materials from markets/ shops that share the same vicinity with live or roasted bush meat, dealers or sellers.

As a winner, you automatically become a Rhodies World ambassador, what should be expected from you as you represent the organization for the three month?
When I become Rhodies World ambassador, I will do my extreme best to promote the face and name of the organisation to a greater level e.g by telling people about it and introducing it to prominent people in any events being attended by me and also creating a room for a look out advertisement on all kinds of social media, creating the companies personal magazine.

Camera 360

Use this opportunity to thank all your fans, family and friends who are voting for you.
I use this medium to shout out to my friends, family, love ones and especially my fans.


This is Glory Akan’s answers




Excellent and well arranged answers. Very entertaining. Keep it up


You score: 1000/1000



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