FRW Season 5: Contestant Profile – Miss Jane Nwankpa

Jane Nwankpa (4)

You are contestant number?

Full name(s)?
Nwankpa Jane

State of origin?
Abia State

Jane Nwankpa (2)

Gist Us About You
My name is Jane. I am the first child in a family of 5, I am fair in complexion and average in height and I am currently studying accounting in Michael Okpara University of agriculture, umudike. When it comes to colours, my favourite is white. I love anything white because it’s just perfect to me. When it comes to clothes, I am so in love with chic gowns, they are just so fabulous. My favourite fruit is watermelon and I don’t really have a favourite food. I love reading inspirational books at my quiet time; it gives the motivation I need to go on. Growing up as a kid, I fell in love with accounting and pursued it as a course in the university, but as I grew older, I found out that my passion and heartthrob is in the entertainment sector. I love singing, dancing, fashion and modelling. It’s my life and it’s what I was born to do.

Best quotation in life?
My favourite quotation is from Zig Ziglar, a renowned motivational speaker; what lies behind me and what lies before me are tiny matters compared to what lies within me.

What lesson have you learnt from life?
life generally can either be a bed of roses or a thorn in the flesh but no matter the circumstance it might be, I have learnt to believe in myself and tell myself everyday that I can make it if only I believe, and trust in God, because come what may, I believe there’s always going to b light at the end of d tunnel

Do you possess any other skill(s)? (If yes, please mention)
Yes I do. I can sing and dance.

Name of School/college you are attending or attended?
I am a student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

What Course are you studying and what level are you now / studied?
I am currently in 400 level now, studying accounting.

Jane Nwankpa (3)

Are you a model? If YES, how far do you wish to go in modelling?
I am not yet a professional model but I am a model who wishes to go very far as to becoming a supermodel for the younger ones to look up to.

How did you get to know about face of Rhodies world contest?
I got to know about face of Rhodies contest when I visited Uyo. I saw the magazine lying around in my friends room, being a magazine freak that I am, I started flipping through the pages of the magazine where I saw a lot of entertaining gist, photos and winners of the past edition, so I decided to give it a trial, hoping that if I win, it will be a platform for me to grow.

Have you ever participated in any contest or this is your first?
I’ve never really participated in any contest, I guess I have always been shy and I was always listening to what people say but I’m over that now. Face of Rhodies is my first.

Jane Nwankpa (5)

Who is your role model and why?
My role model in life is my dad. His life inspires and challenges me a lot. Whenever I think of him, I see the motivation I need to become the woman I want to be.

Due to the recent Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, what have you done to secure yourself from contacting the Virus?
Ebola virus is a very serious disturbing virus in the country, preventive measures I’ve taken is the most common one of washing my hands after each day’s activities.

If you emerge the winner, you automatically become a Rhodies World ambassador, what should be expected from you as you represent the organization for the three month?.
As a winner representing the organisation, I’ll try my best to uphold the standards of the organisation and be a role model that people can look up to.

Jane Nwankpa (1)

Use this opportunity to thank all your fans, family and friends who are voting for you.
I’ll like to use this medium to thank everyone, the organisers, family, friends, and fans voting and encourage them to keep voting and be themselves.


This is Jane Nwankpa’s answers:

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We score you: 1000/1000


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