FRW Season 5 : Contestant Profile – Miss Vera Okonkwo


You are contestant number?

Full names?
My name is Vera Okonkwo.

State of origin?
I’m from Imo state.

Gist Us about You

24 - Vera Okonkwo
I’m friendly, funny(in a way),gat mood swings, easily irritated, love to command attention, a.k.a Diva fashion freak, independent, materialistic, naughty and humble, straight forward and blunt.

Best quotation in life?
What goes around comes around.

What lesson have you learnt from life?
I’ve learnt that life itself is a teacher; the more we live, the more we learn.

Do you possess any other skill(s)? (If yes, please mention)
I love dancing.

Name of School/college you are attending or attended?
Imo state University.

What Course are you studying and what level are you now / studied?
Studying soil and environmental management. 400Level.


Are you a model? If YES, how far do you wish to go in modelling?
Yes; I’m a Model. And I wish to become a top rated American model.

How did you get to know about face of Rhodies world contest?
Through BBM

Have you ever participated in any contest or this is your first?
This is my first

Who is your role model and why?
Annie Idibia. Because she is strong and tolerant, she also
has a stunning post baby figure.

Due to the Ebola outburst in Nigeria, what have you done to secure yourself from contacting the Virus?
I make sure I wash my hands and bath frequently

If you emerge the winner, you automatically become a Rhodies World ambassador, what should be expected from you as you represent the organization for the three month ?
Mass media recognition both locally and internationally for Rhodies magazine.


Use this opportunity to thank all your fans, family and friends who are voting for you and encourage them to keep commenting on your photo.
I won’t be here without my fans. I really appreciate you all for taking out your time for me. May you guys grow bigger.




This is Vera’s answers
Vera Okonkwo


Good arrangement and interesting answers.

We score her 900/1000

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