I Allowed Instagram Ruined Myself-Esteem, Says Actress Rosaline Meurer

Nollywood actress, Rosaline Meurer has taken to social media to share her experience allowing social media determine the course of her life.

The actress shared a lenghty post advising people to stay true to themselves and not make social media their standard.

Meurer wrote: “Now I am going to start with myself, I have been a victim In the past of allowing Instagram ruin my self esteem. Most times I would go on social media and look at the facetuning, photoshopped, unreal Images of what is a hit Instagram photo and compare myself wishing and stressing over how I could be more of what I see. God had plans for me so he revealed to me trough someone’s life, one of the people I would look at and admire on Social media and compare myself to.

I got the chance to be close to the person and that alone changed my entire mind, views and reasoning. I got to see behind the scene of the persons me, I got to see the preparations before the IT picture was posted on Instagram.

I got to see the processing of the pictures, I got to see the clear picture. How one would go out of their way and displease themselves to make their lives on social media the dream life. I was able to weigh both lives. The Instagram lite and the real life. I was aware. In real Iife, l was a 1001 times better and fresher. To think that I almost went crazy trying to be Like a mere modified Image.

“Now that being said,l know there are thousands of people that are still victims of this. I Just want you to know that you can rather focus and remind yourself on what your body is designed to do Instead of how it looks. We tend to beat up ourselves, getting frustrated, getting depressed. wishing and asking God unnecessary and ungrateful questions rather than appreciating the fact that your legs you’re comparing and looking down on takes you from point A to point B. you are able to run and be active. Your eyes that you hate so much can see very clearly. your nose that you feel is too big or too wide can smell well, your boobs that are too small can still breastfeed your child.

Having appreciation for the function of our bodies is very important. I am not trying to condemn anyone or judge anyone. I just want someone out there to know that having life alone Is the greatest gift anyone can ever ask for. Don’t ever look down on yourself or think anyone is better than you. The best body doesn’t live the longest. The richest people cannot buy life, the most famous and most talked about celebrities that you want to be like don’t have inner peace.

Be who you are. God doesn’t make mistakes. Your flaws might be part of Gods plans and blessings in your life. Be an original so your blessings don’t pass you by. Focus on growth, happiness and your loved ones. Life is 1. You will never have another change to make It right. The right time is NOW. I hope with this, I‘m able to touch one soul. Vanity upon vanity my love is VANITY.

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