I Believe In Nigeria – Article Written By Miss Bella Anietie For Face Of Rhodies World Season 7

Bella Anietie David (8)

As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 7, contestants were asked to write on the theme of the contest (I Believe In Nigeria). The article carries 1000 votes, while photo rating carries 4000 votes. Below is an unedited written document sent in by this contestant.

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In mathematics u cannot divide by zero and in logic you cannot prove a negative, this is analogous to the attitude of Nigerians towards Nigeria, some Nigerians say adamantly and repeatedly that Nigeria is beyond redemption, some say Nigeria will disintegrate sooner than later.  some Nigerians actually admit to praying for Nigerians obliteration!   These Nigerians seems to forget that empires of old and modern nations of present day world are made great and such greatness is maintained by citizens who possess exultant and exuberant attitude toward their empire or nation. A country remains powerful so long as her citizen rejoice in her! What is the use of democracy without patriotism? What is the rule of law without patriotism? What is the use of due process if there is no patriotism wrapped, encrusted, enclosed and deep-fried in patriotism. Another Nigeria known only as palamedes contributed the following words “A slander or participating in a slander against one’s own country should be considered as joining the enemy to fight against one’s own country, therefore, Government should pass a law to make it a criminal offense for any Nigerian to slander or participate in a slander against the federal republic of Nigeria and its people… All Nigerians need to start acting in a manner that demonstrate our collective resolve to put an end to the challenges that Nigeria facing for decades. Nigerians must start to be full time Nigerians with permanent interest in Nigeria. we should put in a one hundred percent efforts into our Nigerian-ness and our efforts on behalf of our country, we should stop acting as if we are succeeding tomorrow, we will overcome all national challenges, we must all clearly indicate that we have permanent interest in Nigeria and Nigeria’s success… Nigeria is ours, in failure and in success; preferably in success. All Nigerians at home and abroad must play their part in helping Nigeria succeed, the time is now and Nigerians should be willing to die for Nigeria when and if the needs arises, that willingness demonstrate our state, high stakes in Nigerian and those high stakes would lead us all Nigeria to protect, serve and love Nigeria, Nigerians should perform a sort of constant assessment tests, we should evaluate our roles and contributions to everything that occur in Nigerian…I believe in Nigeria, if you don’t believe in Nigeria how are we going to carry out our responsibilities? What will be our duties? What will be our obligations? How do we contribute to making the system work? I believe in Nigeria, let’s hope and believe that one day things will change.

Bella Anietie



1) Message: 200
2) Paragraphing: 0

Quality: 500
Poise: 400
Theme: 400
Green & White: 700

Total: 2200/ 5000

Photo Grading by: Otobong Otis Smart
CEO: Otis Model Academy



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