I Believe In Nigeria –  Article Written By Miss Edidiong Francis  For Face Of Rhodies World Season 7

Edidiong Francis Okon (3)

As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 7, contestants were asked to write on the theme of the contest (I Believe In Nigeria). The article carries 1000 votes, while photo rating carries 4000 votes. Below is an unedited written document sent in by this contestant.




Nigeria, my homeland, I hail thee.
The land of the brave and courage.
Where men are not afraid to stand for right
And voices of the youths are heard in the streets
Shouting and chanting “change!”.

This is the Nigeria I see:
A Nigeria where citizens eat not the crumbs of the Westerners
but surplus overflowing.
A stable economy, a stable government.
Democracy is just not a theoretical experiment anymore;
Only taught to school children in black and white.
A Nigeria where knowledge is abounds
And the mind is not blinded by deep seated sentiments
Where words are embolden by truth and love for neighbours.
A Nigeria where corruption, nepotism and all its vices
Are stories told by grandfather’s of a time long ago
A reminisce of the dark age.
And the child is proud to be a citizen.

I believe in a Nigeria where men are judged not by the   Colour of their skins or the language of their tongues or the religion of their choice but by the goodness of their hearts.

I believe in Nigeria.
I believe in brotherhood.
I believe in the green and white.
Yes, I believe in Nigeria.




1) Message: 400
2) Paragraphing: 400

Quality: 300
Poise: 500
Theme: 700
Green & White: 200

Total: 2900/ 5000

Photo Grading by: Otobong Otis Smart
CEO: Otis Model Academy


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