I Believe In Nigeria –  Article Written By Miss Rebecca Bassey For Face Of Rhodies World Season 7

As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 7, contestants were asked to write on the theme of the contest (I Believe In Nigeria). The article carries 1000 votes, while photo rating carries 4000 votes, thereby making it a total of 5000 points in this category.

Below is an unedited written document sent in by this contestant.




People fall in love with different things or persons, I fell in love with my country Nigeria, since the very day I was born. The pure fresh air, the beautiful heart of its people, it was just amazing. As I grew up, I got to understand her more, I understood her pain and her hidden tears. I found out about all she has gone through and is going through. Oh! Nigeria I break into tears when I see you suffering in the hands of selfish politicians, fraudsters, blackmailing, and citizens who only have their interest at heart. Y our love, peace, and unity have been robbed by all those who don’t care about you.

Nigeria, Good people Great Nation.

The Giant of Africa.

A great nation, you have never failed to bring forth magnificent stars, you are indeed the giant of Africa. We have used our hands to destroy the beautiful green land of our country and now the question is….

How do we set things right???

Where do we have start from???

How do we restore the peace…

The PEACE our past heros restored to us. How do we restore that big smile on broken hearted Nigeria citizens and leaders for the labour of our hero’s past must never be in vain.

Oh! Nigeria, Voice of the voiceless, Home for the homeless, Mother to the motherless, what is of you today??? We have used our hands to destroy ourself. The green land, fresh air, and unpolluted nation, have they gone sour??? It have been diluted with crime and corruption. Some of our natural resources like timber, cocoa, rubber, that can be refined and serve as exported goods which could boost the country’s economy has been forgotten.


My Nigeria people, lets arise and make our country a better place to be, lets come together and help our leaders fight crime and corruption in our land for together we stand divided we fall. Let’s make hay now the sun shines for a stitch in time saves nine. I don’t look at the today’s Nigeria but I see the tomorrow you. I see a Nigeria where love conquers hatred, truth conquers lies, peace conquers war, and unity conquers division. SO!!! Arise o compatriot, for Nigeria calls obey to serve our father’s land with our weapons (love, peace and unity) and if we do this, the labours of our father’s land shall never be in vain. I pledge to be faithful, loyal and honest, so help me God. I love you Nigeria, I trust you, I believe so much in you and what your future holds for us. I BELIEVE IN A BETTER NIGERIA.



1) Message: 350
2) Paragraphing: 350

Quality: 700
Poise: 500
Theme: 500
Green & White: 600

Total: 3000

Photo Grading by: Otobong Otis Smart
CEO:Otis Model Academy



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