I Believe In Nigeria –  Article Written By Miss Sandra Simon For Face Of Rhodies World Season 7

sandra simon

As part of the task for Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 7, contestants were asked to write on the theme of the contest (I Believe In Nigeria). The article carries 1000 votes, while photo rating carries 4000 votes, thereby making it a total of 5000 points in this category.

Below is an unedited written document sent in by this contestant.




Her name was born on 8th January, 1897, by Mrs Flora Shaw Lugard.

Her Agricultural based economy was abandoned

Her Oil sectors are neglected and sold-out like kola nuts

January salary is paid in June

Unborn babies are salary earners

Now, every child wants to be Senator without education

Even chronic madmen hopes to be President tomorrow

And gunshots are heard daily like phone call tones

Yet, I believe in Nigeria ’cause, nothing lasts forever!


The world calls her all sort of obnoxious names:

The most corrupt nation on earth;

Home of the world’s known fraudsters and pirates;

Unfortunate graduates have turned false prophets and thugs;

The masses are crown with thorn in the flesh;

Beclouded with glaring poverty of the soul;

A nation of massive unemployment, power failure and insecurity;

Where lives expires before their expiring dates

Children are made orphans and parents, childless;

School children have been trained into human haunters;

Tribalism and religious nepotism has taken over the nation’s socio-political affairs;

Still, am hoping ’cause everything that has beginning must have an end.


Ghana of today was worse than Nigeria yesterday

Nigeria is blessed with Rivers Benue and Niger

Yet no water for Nigerians to drink

All the looters of our nation’s treasury are now facing trial by fire

Nigeria of today is far better than Nigeria of yesterday

She is gradually restoring her lost GLORY as Giant of Africa

Because TRANSFORMATION is on and Nigeria shall CHANGE for better again with time!

So, I will  always BELIEVE in Nigeria’s brighter tomorrow!



1) Message: 250
2) Paragraphing: 200

Quality: 700
Poise: 600
Theme: 400
Green & White: 400

Total: 2550 / 5000

Photo Grading by: Otobong Otis Smart
CEO: Otis Model Academy



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