I Don’t Want To Get Pregnant Outside Wedlock, Says Nollywood Actress Nazareth Jesse

Beautiful actress Nazareth Jesse Bako is a household name in the movie industry, most especially in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja where she resides.

In this interview, she speaks extensively on marriage and relationship, explaining her decision to wait patiently for Mr. Right rather than become a baby mama.

It’s a trend for ladies to become baby mamas for rich men or top artistes; do you have plan to join the bandwagon?

No! I want to follow my mother’s trend, to get married to my husband and have children. I don’t want to get pregnant outside wedlock, regardless of my age and as the first daughter of my family. Agonizingly, our culture and society have interpreted it as a taboo or abnormal for ladies in their 30s to be unmarried. Honestly, I won’t get into bad marriage because of pressure; I’m blessed with magnificent parents who understand that marriage is not an ultimate goal for a woman. Though, they are praying God to bless me with a man after my heart, they are not pressuring me.

How old are you?

Ladies don’t tell their ages, but I can truly say I’m in my mid-30s. I’m very grateful to God for adding another year to my age. Recently, I celebrated my birthday, in an orphanage in Abuja with lovely children who made the day remarkable. Thereafter, my family and friends lit up the celebration in an apartment in Jabi, Abuja. I thank everyone who joined me to appreciate the gift of life and the immaculate glory of God in my life.

What are your wishes as you grow older?

I will continue to ask for the perpetual grace of God. My desire is to get married soon and have children around my table.

Some ladies consider the huge money (child support) they collect from their baby daddies as a lucrative venture, don’t you want to be part of it?

It’s only a lazy woman that will consider a man’s wealth as her venture. I’m a hard working lady who believes in being self-made. I wouldn’t allow a man to intimidate me for any reason. In fact, why will I trade my child for money? It’s understandable if a lady becomes pregnant by accident, or on agreement with the child’s father, it then becomes his responsibility to provide money for the child’s upkeep. But ladies shouldn’t deliberately make it a venture to extort money. It is spiteful.

Are you searching for Mr. Right?

(Laughter) I’m not searching; I’m gracefully waiting for the right man.

Is there no man in your life or is it that they are not talking about marriage?

Honestly, I’m not in any serious relationship, because of my past experience. I was involved in a complicated relationship.

How complicated was the relationship?

I don’t want to discuss further on my personal life, but I learnt lessons from the experience.

Were you heartbroken? How did you survive it?

I have never been heartbroken and I don’t allow any man to break my heart. Once I discover the relationship is under threat, I quit and move on. I don’t believe in killing myself or allowing the devil take over my sense of reasoning because of a man. Of course, you have heard countless stories of ladies committing suicide or killing someone and going to jail because of a man, it doesn’t worth it. I believe it takes two to tango, marriage is not by force. I’d rather stay married with a man with the spirit of God than marrying a demon.

What are the qualities you desire in a life partner?

I’m waiting to get married to a peaceful, God fearing, friendly, educated, caring and understanding man, who will love me unconditionally.

What do you think should be done to make Abuja hub of filmmaking like Lagos and Asaba?

Interestingly, movies shot in Abuja have good picture quality, even with incomparable locations. Though, I’m hardly in Abuja because we don’t shoot movies regularly here like Lagos and Asaba. Government and strong-willed individuals should support movie production, like former President Goodluck Jonathan.

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