Kate Patrick, Uduak Brownson & Emem Albert Emerge Winners of Face Of Rhodies World 2nd Edition

We have come to the end of the contest of face of Rhodies World, all thanks to God. The result is as follows;


A total of 11,606 votes was cast and contestant number 12, KATE PATRICK from Edo State, Nigeria emerged the winner of FACE OF RHODIES WORLD 2ND EDITION with a total of 1,636 votes.

The 2nd position goes to contestant number 6, UDUAK BROWNSON from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria with a total of 1,609 votes.

The 3rd possition goes to contestent number 2, EMEM ALBERT from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria with 1,368 votes.

The complete voting result is as shown below. Click on the image to enlarge.


7 thoughts on “Kate Patrick, Uduak Brownson & Emem Albert Emerge Winners of Face Of Rhodies World 2nd Edition

  1. Kate Patrick

    Am using this medium to say a very big thank you to Rhodies world, and to my family and friends who really put in their best in ensuring I came 1st in this 2nd edition of face of Rhodies world , I really appreciate you all, I wouldn’t have gotten to the top without you.thank U thank U thank U.

  2. Uduak Brownson

    To rhodies world,you are very creative,I love this whole idea,and I wish you well in all you do to succeed in life,thanks for the opportunity and let ur fire keep burning.To my lovely winner kate,who I kept admiring and wishing she would be amonst the winners,your star was so bright,that u used 26 votes to win me,next time work harder,because you do not know who is directly coming behind you.I love you loads,let’s not stop here,its just our starting point. To my fans who voted for me,you are loved,you are the best,may God bless you all,and to all those who use to post comments,welldone,its was never by comment,did you people see any comment about Kate partrick? Its abt HARD Work,so please next time work harder,give ur best of best because you Wouldn’t knw what others are planning. Thank you every one,I love you all.

  3. Embert Albert

    …Congratulation my dear(Miss KATE)…more grace. My warm thanks to rhodiesworld,for the successful beauty contest,…giving this great chance for photo models to defined ART through photo expression,also taking photo modelling to the next level beyond rhodiesworld fans imagination. Once more,thanks for this cool vision,hoping to see more than this next edition.I SPEAK GRACE!

  4. belles

    Am not saying Otache Ene shudda won but seriously 912 votes after a month of constant voting by a lot of people. Guess you have a special way of counting your votes. a


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