Man Kills Female Doctor In Akwa Ibom State Over 100k Debt

Ivy Umanah

According to a FB user Ndueso Essien, the man pictured left has cut the promising life of this female Doctor short. Until her death, Dr. Ivy Umanah  worked as the  Head of Pathology of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH), Akwa Ibom State. Dr. Ivy was killed last month but the killer was caught yesterday.


Dr. Ivy Umanah

Below, is the report as seen on FB

This man from Ika local government admitted yesterday that he killed Dr Ivy Umanah in her residence. His reason was that she refused to pay him a debt of N100,000 after he had perfomed some tiling duties for her. According to him, She repeatedly refused to honour her obligation to pay him, despite his executing the assignment. On that fateful Wednesday, after again disappointing him, she slapped him and he retaliated by using the rod he found in her premises to smash her to her sad end. He however has not been able to explain why he absconded with her ATM cards, car key, and TV sets. Neither could he justify his disappearance until he was caught by the gallant men of the Nigerian police in Abia state. Unfortunately Dr Ivy Umanah is not alive to respond to this allegations, but just how much debt can justify such a nasty action?

May her soul RIP

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