Meet Face Of Rhodies World Contestant No. 19 – Miss Adeloye A. Oluwafunmilayo

Adeloye A. Oluwafunmilayo (3)

Miss Adeloye Adebola who chooses to describe herself as a “lovely person”
is the 2nd child and 2nd female in a family of five, an indigene of Ondo
state but who resides in Lagos state all in Nigeria. She loves to
exercise, sleep, eat, work and search 4 new things about fashion (what is
in vogue) and moreover will prefer a sporty kind of holiday with lots of


“We are nothing, but pencil in d hand of d creator” is the belief that
guides her through life and apart from modelling and any other activity
she is also good in acting.
Miss Adeloye Adebola’s dream is to become a popular model and a well known
designer, although this is her first time in face of Rhodies World online
photo contest, she has been in many other modelling contest and show.
Thus she would like to pursue a career in modelling.

Adeloye A. Oluwafunmilayo (4)

Adeloye A. Oluwafunmilayo (2)

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