Meet Face Of Rhodies World Contestant No. 25 – Miss Faith Omolola

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Miss Faith Desmond Omolola, a Nigerian from Edo state, who resides in
Lagos state. She is the first born in a family of four, two boys and two
girls, studied mass communication at Adekunle Ajasin University Ondo
State. She does not tolerate dishonesty but will travel with you any
distance ones she sees sincerity in you.


Moreover, if you take away God, family, bible, prayer and music from her
life then you have taken away everything that means the world to her. She
will prefer pounded yam or egusi soup if she says she is hungry and when
it comes to colours she thinks Pink, brown or white does the trick. If you
catch her singing, listening to music or reading motivational books or
novel then she is at leisure.

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Miss Faith Desmond Omolola got involved in face of Rhodies World online
photo contest through a friend and this edition is actually her first
time in the contest. Her dreams and aspiration in life is short but
powerful,she wants to be that woman that affects her generation
positively using her skills, potentials and ability to impact and build
the lives of her generation and if she wins face of Rhodies World
contest, as the new ambassador, she plans to create more awareness and
publicize Rhodies World dream, represent them in all platforms available,
work hand in hand with the management to gain more grounds and reach the
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And with her prize money she intends to pay her pay her tithe first and
then invest the other part of the money to build a venture that can help
other people. In five words Miss Faith tells us who she is: Fabulous,
friendly, down to earth, attentive and well cultured.

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