Meet Face Of Rhodies World Contestant No. 31- Miss Blessing Adegbe

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Miss Blessing Adegbe is an undergraduate in the university of Abuja, from
Kogi State Nigeria; she consider herself an extrovert but not in all
cases. She creates time to read, sing and watch movies instead of being
idle and as the first child in the family of three females, she wouldn’t
joke with prayer, church, family, water and food because she can’t live
without them.


There is one thing about miss Adegbe Blessing that stands her out; her
aspiration, she aspires to become face of Rhodies World ambassador, a
successful entrepreneur like many others and moreover a great mother. And
when she was asked what will new concept will move Rhodies World forward,
she answered like a true mother “Include the male version”. Hence she is
ready to create an aggressive awareness exercise to enlarge the
territories of Rhodies World if she wins the contest.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Face Of Rhodies World Contestant No. 31- Miss Blessing Adegbe

  1. Tion Aondona

    People are downfolded when they are entangle with beauty, pls Adegbe Blessing ur beauty is one of them, 4 it make me downfolded. Pls keep it up.


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