Meet Face Of Rhodies World Contestant No. 35 – Miss Olutimayin Oluwande

Olutimayin Oluwande

An aspiring young model from kogi State, Nigeria, who believes what goes
around, comes around. She is an under graduate of philosophy at kogi state
university, whose aspiration is to have a big fashion line and a fashion
school, help the less privilege and impact lives positively.

Miss Olutimayin happens to be the first born and the only female in the family
of four, moreover as an introvert she enjoys a quieter pursuit and you
will find her singing, watching movies or shopping when she is less busy,
hence the Bible, Our Daily Manna, Make-up, Phone and Dictionary remains
five things she can’t do without in life.

However, this might be Miss Olutimayin first time in a modelling contest
but this Energetic, Strong, Religious, Easy-going and Kind-hearted lady
believes she has what it takes to win this edition of the contest so as an
ambassador she will advertise the website on all social network and spend
the cash prize wisely.

And when she was asked to rate face of Rhodies
World in fairness and treatment, this was what she had to say “the contest
so far is free and fair enough and I give it to team face of Rhodies
World, they have been wonderful in their treatment”.

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