Meet Face Of Rhodies World Contestant No. 7 – Miss Omolola Usman

Omolola Usman (1)

I got to know about face of Rhodies World online photo contest through a
friend of mine, who knew my passion for modelling. Moreover, this is
actually my first time in a modelling contest but it won’t be the last
because my aspiration is to become a big time model someday.
I love my mum, siblings, heart, good friends and my phone, honestly I
can’t do without them just like giving me indomie and egg; my favourite
food, purple and blue; my favourite colour.
Omolola Usman (2)


Yes I will consider myself as an extrovert with an active social life but
one advise I do give people about me is “don’t study me because you won’t
graduate”….my favourite quote.
Wake me up anytime, anywhere and I will still be Usman Omolola, jovial,
friendly and naughty at times.

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