Meet Face Of Rhodies World(FRW) Contestant No. 36 – Miss Emilia Iwatt

Emilia Iwatt
Beautiful, smart, intelligent, generous and decent Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State, She is the second and only female child in the family of three, an under graduate of Food Science and Technology in the University of Uyo. As an extrovert she enjoys being with her friends and when she is not busy with friends you will find her busy with her hobbies; surfing the internet, painting, reading or singing.

Her list of favourites include, food: Ekpang Nkukwo or beans with ripe plantain, colour: green, red or purple, actor/actress: John Dumelo and Mercy Johnson. Moreover I can’t do without my bible, Food, water, phone or a computer
system and painting materials”

Miss Emilia Kenneth Iwatt heard about face of Rhodies World online photo
contest while surfing the internet, she did not hesitate to apply even
though at the last minute. Today she joins 39 other contestants in this
great quest and if she wins she promise to be a very responsible
ambassador by taking Rhodies World and all the opportunities she offers to
the public and by being available whenever she is needed.

She defines modelling as showcasing rare beauty, style and boldness and aspires to be
a very outstanding and successful model having attained greater height

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