Mega Stars Who Shares Photo Space!

When Mega Stars smiles for the camera and you are put in a position to choose your best out of the best, which do you go for?

Let your mind play the game . Here are Stars who love to share their photo space with each other.

Who is your Sweet-Heart?

This is one of the many exciting weekend release from the desk of rhodiesworld weekend special.

For our Fashion Police Fans, brace yourself for what`s coming under that category as our expert is about now analyzing top red carpet dazzle of the month of May. The surprise for May edition will be the fusion of Hollywood with Nollywood Stars on Red Carpet for this Month.

Find out who will go home with rhodiesworld prestigious Award for best dress on red Carpet for May 2013.

You do not want to miss…so keep it log to this page. That will be uploaded later in the day.

See Photos:








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