MONEY COUTURE: ‘Sack Your Boss’ Conference Comes To Uyo

sack your boss
Two days ago my boss had a meeting with all staff telling us of the need to restrategize to grow our business in this unstable time. He said companies are laying off staff and slashing salaries and our firm may not be any different if we don’t restrategize.
I asked myself a question what happens if things don’t come to play?  Is there a plan B for me or most of my colleagues?
I decided I will have to sack my boss before she sacks me, after all, I never really liked her because she doesn’t really do much, but earns a fortune.
It’s time we Learn how to work SMART and NOT HARD at MONEY COUTURE. The fact that you can make money while sleeping means that you that don’t have to do an 8 to 5 job till one dies.
Engr Joke Enaks is there as your business mentor, just like L.OPUTTEH, who resides in LAGOS.

The MONEY COUTURE Conference IN UYO holds this Saturday at the Le Meridien Ibom Hotel.

MONEY COUTURE will give you more understanding of money and how it works to benefit you. It will give you a way to do business in an economy where purchasing power is reducing. The Guest Speaker, Engr Joke Enaks has grown many successful businesses and has taught many to do the same.

If you’re looking for a business idea to change how you play the money game…You should be at MONEY COUTURE by CLUB De LOYALE this Saturday at Le MERIDIEN.

All you need is an Entry Fee of N3000 only.
Text MONEY , your NAME to 09090004978 to get your IV and enjoy over 50% discount on entry fee when you send the text.

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