Nollywood Star Ime “Bishop” Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos ties the knot with Idara Saviour. | Check out their Pre-wedding Shoot + their Love Story.


Love stories never get old; they’re ever fascinating and ever shared. As expected, Rhodiesworld will be there to bring you the steamiest love marriage stories as can be found. And the next is that of Nigeria’s darling comedian/actor Ime Umoh’s upcoming marriage to the dazzling Idara Saviour, his fiancé. This is one event that has been intensely anticipated and gossiped; recently, a crowd gathered outside the planned wedding venue expecting the couple to arrive for the wedding in what turned out a huge hilarious episode for the comedian.
However RhodiesWorld brings accurate info; they get wed on Thursday 17th October and Saturday 19th October, 10am, for the traditional wedding at Christ the King (CKS) primary school, Wellington Bassey way, Uyo and Insight Bible Church, Nsikak Eduok Avenue, Uyo, respectively. Dinner Party follows immediately at Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Hall, Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo. Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
RW sat with the couple to get this exclusive from them; feel free to inspire yourself.

Bride to be: Idara Saviour
Groom to be: Ime “Bishop” Umoh A.K.A Okon Lagos

Traditional Marriage : Thursday 17th October, 2013 – Christ the King (CKS) primary school, Wellington Bassey way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

White Wedding: 19th October, 2013 – Insight Bible Church, Nsikak Eduok Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Our Love Story

We met in November 2012 in a wedding he was emceeing; I was in the bridal train. According to him, he picked an interest. Well, I was in a serious relationship at the time, though I didn’t know where that was leading.
Meeting him, he was all over me. The first thing that came out of his mouth was; “…you are my wife”. Me I was like, “you know you’re very funny, I don’t want this oh. So please just let me concentrate”. Later on I just told him, “You say you want to marry me, sorry I’m in a serious relationship and I cannot leave my guy for you”. He said, okay, just go back and think about it. We exchanged numbers, and then he called.
We started dating this year; February 2013 after my former relationship broke up unhappily. I’ll say that God had already designed Ime for me, because he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever met. Being with him these 8 months, it’s as if I’ve known him for years. He makes me happy; I smile a lot. I’ll say I’m lucky, he’s so lovely.
How did he propose? We had a misunderstanding and I wanted to just ignore him. Then he drove to my house and called me out, we sat in the car. Then he said, “So you think I will not marry you. Now, will you marry me?” I was smiling like, “my friend, di nyong (you’ll have to leave)”. He said he was serious. Then I said I’d have to think about it, talk to my mom and all. He said I had 3 days to respond. Then after he left, we spoke on the phone. I told him if he really wanted to marry me, he should come and see my mother. He came and spoke with her, and that was it.
What I have to say to him: I call him baby, but let me tell him that I love him. My prayer is that God should give me the ability, the strength…I thank God for bringing him to my life and I promise him that I’ll not just be the best. I promise to be submissive to him.

Our Love Story

We met sometime in November. I met her in a wedding I emceeing; she was in the train. She was impeccably outstanding. I couldn’t help but notice her. I got so distracted – never been that distracted arguably all my life. While emceeing, I was gazing at her. I rounded off as quickly as I could and intercepted her before she got into the car and talked my way to getting her contact.
What did I tell her? I told her she’s beautiful. I don’t know how to beat about the bush; I told her I liked her so much. I didn’t act like in movies. I tried to wear the seemingly responsible look. I told her that she had arrested me, distracted me, I could hardly know what I was saying.
Her response: She was chuckling, Looking at me and laughing. I believe she didn’t take me seriously.
Was I in a relationship that time? I can’t say. “I can’t categorically say” (laughs) that I was in a relationship. I was in a pseudo relationship, a phantom relationship. A break up was very much inevitable. I met her (my wife to be) with the mind to marry her.
Getting to know each other, one, two, three, four conversations and it just dawned on me that, well, this is the right thing. I asked her the big question; she said she’ll think of it. I didn’t have rest that night. She then gave me an answer.
At what point did I get convinced that this is my wife? When she started showing care, checking up on me… You know I’m an actor; I sometimes screamed at her when I knew I’m not supposed to, just to watch her reaction. It is very difficult to pretend when it has to do with me. I’ll push you almost over the cliff; that demon in you will come out. When I see I can cope with that demon, then you’re as good as being my wife.
What do I have to say to her? Well, I’m here. Finally, I’m gonna get married to her. We have each other for keeps. I’m going to love her unflinchingly. I don’t see myself following the seeming convention of men cheating on their wives. I’m not trying to say I’m perfect or I rely solely on myself. Even the bible says by strength shall no man prevail. I trust on the grace of God to help me sail through. I’m gonna be a super-husband to her and a super-dad to my kids.
How many kids? I want to have 3, all boys. Why? Easier to train…(laughs).








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Photography by: Creative Nigeria Studio
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  2. AmanamHillary Umo-Udofia

    Wow.. Lovely pixs there by the yet-to-be couples. Imeh is still much funny even in the pixs. The lady is gud to go; she pretty and i pray they’ll stand by each other at all times. Imeh dont behave like celebs who are drowned with marry and divorce syndrome. Its not really going to be a bed of roses but with resilience, committment, determination, understanding, genuiness and most importantly God – you’ll sail through successfully. Wishing one of my N.C.I fellow a happy married life and a more fruitful career life. Its my wish to attend this wedding but tight wont permit. May God be you. Amen


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