Obefemi Martin’s Wife Reacts After He Bought Khloe A Brand New Car

Obafemi Martins’ wife, Abigail Barwuah, has revealed how she feels about the car the footballer bought for reality show star, Khloe.

This comes after a social media user asked how the Obafemi Martins’ wife feels about the car, Abigail turned up on the page with a comment.

@amara_obi had written;

How does his wife feel tho

Reacting to the comment, Abigail wrote;

I feel okay with it….nd everything my husband does I know about it…I know @kokobykhloe she is a very good girl nd she deserves it. @kokobykhloe hi hun, when with his foundation he was gifting wheelchairs, crutches, going to hospitals etc, nobody said ‘how does she feel thou’ but this one has to be considered something bad because in y’all mind, there’s something going on between them…AFRICANS mentality I will never nd want to understand to it.

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