Participate in Face of Rhodies World online photo contest – 2nd Edition


The game is on, Face of Rhodies World online photo contest is here again. This contest is a quarterly contest aimed at promoting Beauty among photo lovers and giving them a platform for media exposure. In our first edition, Inyene Emayak emerged the winner. Why not give it a try? Face of Rhodies World is free, no hidden fee is involved.


1) To participate, Log on to our Facebook Page ( ) and click on the ‘like’ icon. Follow us on twitter( )

2) Send in 2 photos of yourself, (a full portrait shot and close-up shot) to email: You can send as many photos as possible.

3) Female only

5) Participants must be between ages 18 – 25

5) Only photos sent to the email ( shall be attended to

6) Photo submission started on Mon. 27 May 2013 – 20th June 2013

7) Selected contestants will be published on Sun, 20 June.

8) Voting starts 23th June-14th July, 2013.

9) Winner Emerges: July 14th, 2013.

1st Prize: 600$ dollars or 100,000 naira

2nd Prize: 300$ dollars or 50,000 naira

3rd Prize: 180$ dollars or 30, 000 naira

N/B: Send in your photos(Full shot & close shot) , with your Bio-data and mobile number to the email: N/B: Please no phone pictures. All photos must have good resolution.


The winners will be decided by the number of votes on the website, and will also be given a personality interview on our magazine.

For more information BBM: 25AE8030, 227E73CB,

Call: 08026067775, 08033370963

5 thoughts on “Participate in Face of Rhodies World online photo contest – 2nd Edition

  1. Sarah Obongha

    Nice work, just keep it up, besides, remember that there are artist in the society. Cheers.


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