Photos: Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth Same Day At Exact Same Time

These identical twin sisters had their lifelong dream come true after they both got pregnant at the same time and welcomed their sons on the same day!

Jalynne Crawford and Janelle Ann Leopoldo‘s story is shy of extraordinary. The sisters who have been together all their lives first suffered miscarriages, with one of the sisters experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.

Sharing the amazing news of the arrival of their boys, Jalynne wrote on Instagram:

I don’t know where to begin…however, I will start with this has been one of the best experiences of my life. My identical twin sister @janelleleopoldo and I got to experience our pregnancies together in the same exact gestational period. We both followed miscarriages, she had an ectopic pregnancy with emergency surgery and we continued to pray. We always dreamt of being pregnant together and it never worked out until this one: my 4th and last child and her second child. We knew God had different plans for us and we are so grateful we stayed patient during the difficult times. From the moment we found out we were pregnant, up until the delivery room felt like a dream that was surreal! Twins just share a special bond that others can’t relate to unless you’re a parent of a set, a sibling of them, or a twin yourself! The #twinbond is an incredible relationship that doesn’t fade. We have been through life together from grade school, to college at @ucla @uclagymnastics to our Masters degree @pepperdine for Elementary teaching. Our husbands Brandon and Jason know and understand our relationship and they are amazing too. They even joke if you marry one, you marry both in the sense that we talk 5 times a day. Thank you @carieharrisphotography for capturing these beautiful “twins with babies born on same day” photos and @lizvalentinephotography for capturing our pregnancy photos!!! These bring tears to our eyes! These miracle boys will be best friends forever born on 6/18/18 together.

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