PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Finally Meets Alice Marie Johnson

Kim Kardashian  has met Alice Marie Johnson for the first time, a week after Johnson was freed, with the reality star’s help, from serving a life sentence in prison over a first-time non-violent drug offense.Though the duo had spoken on the phone before, they finally met face-to-face at Johnson’s home in Mississippi to film their first joint interview for The Today Show. Host Hoda Kotb also posed for a photo with the duo. Their sit-down will air today.

Kardashian and her attorney, Shawn Holley, flew from LA to meet Johnson and her family. Surprisingly, the reality star hasn’t shared any updates about the meeting on social media yet, but the long-awaited encounter was surely emotional.

“I’m gonna cry so much when I see her,” Kim said, tearing up, while speaking to CNN last week.

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