Photos: Termites Eat Up Man’s Roof

A man has cried out this morning saying he is lost on what to do. According to him, termites have been feeding in the wood in his roof which has led to the collapse of a room’s roof. Writing on social media, the man wrote;”Good morning everyone

I live beside a river which only flows during raining season.
For like Four months now, I have been noticing the presence of termite in my compound and also having problems with termite feeding on the planks of my 3 year old building and I’ve been fumigating it every time since then. I kept on noticing the that they still feed on the planks. I’ve not been able to get their base in my compound despite serious searching. The worst happened yesterday when the whole ceiling of one of the rooms of the building came down. Thanks to God no one was there.

Please do anyone know what else I can do to get rid of termites completely from my compound.”

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