Prince Donnell: What Defines The Beauty Of A Woman?


Is it makeup? Is it weave? Is it weekly trips to the salon for manicures and pedicures? Is it the clothes you wear? Is it the Brazilian weave? Or is it the D Cups and Nice Ass?


When I look at all woman, more specifically MY woman.. I ask myself this question everyday. I couldn’t find the answer until I concentrated deeply on the butterfly landing gracefully on her nose. I analysed the make of a butterfly and finally found my answer to the true beauty of a woman.. A butterfly represents three significant words:





PATIENCE is beauty.

Just like a butterfly has to patiently sleep in its cocoon for it’s wings to grow, a woman must patiently allow herself to grow into new levels of her life. She must wait for her moment to fly! She must run her own race and rest assured that she will transform! Which leads me into my next word.


Much like a butterfly must transform during it’s stage of patience, a woman must also transform her inner self to become the Queen she was destined to be. Letting go of the past and walking into her future! It’s a long race so she needs determination.


Much like a butterfly must break its body to squeeze out of the cocoon and reach it’s destiny, a woman must also be determined through the hardships! Even when she breaks, she must keep going! She must open her wings and fly.

Just like this butterfly flew on the nose of the love of my life, it representing beauty for not only her, but ALL WOMEN.

What defines beauty of a woman? Well, I guess we know.




Prince Donnell is a Creative Artist, Inspirational writer,  an Actor and also a motivational speaker. Instagram: Prince Donnell

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