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Finally, we’ve come to the end of Face Of Rhodies World Photo Contest Season 6, and this is that defining moment where only 3 persons with the highest scores will emerge the winners. As usual in any contest, people who don’t win will always think it wasn’t free and fair, but the results we are showing today is as real as possible.

We are not just releasing the result, but we are also releasing the number of times, each contestant photo was viewed. That is to give you a clue to how much work some of the contestant did. We are so proud of them, we’ve watched them closely and they have made us proud today.

If the number of times your contest photo was viewed does not go almost the same with your number of vote, that mean there was a foul play, but all the same, here are the results.

What counts;
1) Number of website vote
2) Task score
3) Website photo share(Facebook & twitter) ( Task Post)



The first results here shows how many times each contestant’s voting photo was viewed by an individual. Please note, sometimes, someone could view without voting, but it’s not possible to vote without viewing.

viewsseason 6 results


 Website Results, + Task Score +  Facebook & Twitter shares on Website Photo (Task Post)









The Winners are entitled to the following

N110 000.00……winner

N75 000.00………1st runner up

N50 000.00………2nd runner up

They also become Rhodies World Ambassadors, our cover girls for a period of three months and will be featured in Rhodies World Print magazine.

They are also entitled to:

– An all expense paid weekend treat at Ibom Le’meridian & Golf Resort

–  Media Exposure

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